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  • This site is in Beta. So, there are some features not currently available and there are changes that will be made. Let us know of any bugs or issues that arise during play on our shoutbox (to the left of this page.) or, preferably, on our forum.
  • We will be adding pets gradually and some pets may be taken away or changed. If there are any questions about this or pets you would like to see added, let us know in the Pet Suggestions thread.
  • The Promo Codes that were previously available have been removed. Those that have already redeemed them will be keeping the pets they have already collected for the forseeable future.
  • Currently our site is run with bare-bones staff. Myself, the site artist, and a coder are the only people in our staff. We will be expanding this in the near future. When that happens, we will be sure to post an update!
  • Some users are having issues when using IE or Safari, if that is the case, please use an alteate browser for now.
CONTESTS: You have asked for money, we are answering your call! We will be hosting THREE seperate contests! We understand not everyone is artistically or verbally inclined, so we're going to hold three different contests, so that everyone has a fair chance at winning. Of course, all will require you to be creative (Sorry. Gotta draw the line somewhere.)
  • First: ART CONTEST - Draw something MystFell related. Draw anything pertaining to MystFell. Doesn't matter what. We will judge it (All the current staff of MystFell... Yeah, all like.. What? Four of us?) based on creativity, composition, and which one relates more to MystFell.
    • First Place: 1,000,000 Tyleans! And your drawing featured on the front page of MystFell!
    • Second Place: 500,000 Tyleans! And a link to your drawing on the front page. Your story will have it's own page.
    • Third Place: 250,000 Tyleans!
  • Second: WRITING CONTEST: Write us a story! Minimum of three paragraphs (Each having at least three-four sentances). The topic could be about anything within MystFell or MystFell itself. Fiction only, please. Much like with the art contest, this will also be judged by the staff and the winner will be selected based on creativity, composition, grammar (Sorry, I'm super picky about that.), and how it relates to MystFell. ( Click here for the History of MystFell )
    • First Place: 1,000,000 Tyleans! And your story featured on the front page of MystFell!
    • Second Place: 500,000 Tyleans! And a link to your story on the front page. Your story will have it's own page.
    • Third Place: 250,000 Tyleans!
  • Third: DESIGN A PET - That's right! Come up with a pet you'd like to see on MystFell. If you're going to draw it, be clear about what you're illustrating. If you're going to write about it, be specific about each and every detail the creature will have. Try to keep it within the setting, though don't be afraid to think outside the box.
    • First Place: 1,000,000 Tyleans and your pet featured as a Tyleans only pet! It will likely be redrawn by our artist and you'll get it for free!
    • Second Place: 500,000 Tyleans and your pet as an adoptable, redrawn by our artist.
    • Third Place: 250,000 Tyleans and your pet as a by request adoptable, redrawn by our artist.
You're allowed to enter once in all three. If you have any questions, ask. Send all entries to NobodysHero@mystfell.com. Any staff or future mods that wish to participate will not be allowed to judge.Deadline for now is TBD (To be decided).
Because our problems never seem to end, I've set up a gmail for now. Please submit all entries to the contest to MystFell@gmail.com. Please also make sure to put what contest your submitting it for in the subject and your useame. (ex. Writing Contest - NobodysHero. Thanks! Sorry for the hiccups.