This site is in the first stages of developement. There will be many changes along the way and many bumps and crashes.
CONTEST!!! We have a site wide contest! All are welcome to enter! Some extra prizes will be added! Winners will need to give a physical address for the bonus prize. (Deadline is 09/01/2014.) Click here for more info.
Unico? Some of you may notice that horned horses are Unico's on this site... That is not intentional and it something we're working on. The coding we are currently using hates those two letters ("R" and "N") used together for some reason.
Amazon Ads Hey. We're trying out a new way to help our site ea some income. We will be placing Amazon ads around the site. Wanna help us out? Click 'em!
Update (07/27/14) Sorry about last week's riddle. To make up for it, this one is worth more than twice as much! Also, we've updated the Cash Store prices. Take a look! Some will be higher than others, because they will soon be gone until next summer/fall! There will be more changes coming throughout today/tonight. Keep an eye out!
Update (07/18/14)
Everyone simmer down. XD There are two versions of the deer. The version for free adoption and the version for cash shop. BOTH ARE THE SAME COLOR. However, one is a Stag. And the other is the doe. The doe is typically the female deer of the two. The stag is typically the male. However, here they are seperate pets.
Secondly, there are some pages that did not save when we did the promo codes. We will recode those soon. 
That is all.
Update (07/17/14)
We now have a page to submit help tickets and suggestions. Any issues you have, you can submit a ticket and we'll respond to each in order. If you see me online, feel free to still poke me in the Shoutbox.
- NobodysHero
Update (07/15/14)
The challenge is off, but the promo codes have been updated! No one won the challenge, if anyone is curious. Also, there will be a new pet added to the Cash Shop some time today. Check it out!
Do not, under any circumstances, use these promo codes more than once. It is not fair to the other players. The reason we limit how many times the promo code can be used is to make sure we don't have a million of one item floating around the site.  Every month, the promo codes will change, on a random day.
Anyone found using these promo codes more than once will be banned from viewing pages and adopting pets for two weeks. Second time offenders will be permanently banned from the site.
Update (07/14/14)
Many users will find that there are promo codes that no longer exist in the database. This is because I am updating all the promo codes, but those related to the challenge. (See bottom of page in "Other News") In the mean time, there won't be any prizes awarded until all pages are updated.
Thank you for your patience!
Update (07/13/14)
We now have a cash shop! YAY! We've added pets to the cash store and they are available for purchase now! To visit the cash shop, click here!
Also updated the riddle! Take a peek, it's a doozy! Go here to find it!
Update (07/12/14) Allllright! We updated the F.A.Q., so now there are some of the most popular questions in there. We are more than certain there are more questions to be answered and one of our coders is working on a better list of questions to answer.
Update (07/06/14) Updated the riddle for the week!
Other News Wanna be a site mod or helper? Fill out our application! Click here to apply!
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