This site is in Alpha Testing. There is still a lot we're working on and many things will
change along the way. We thank you in advance for your patience, feedback,
and understanding!

IMPORTANT: Please try not to use reload and the back button on your browser. If you do, their are certain pages that will automatically ban you from this site. While oridinarily we would simply disable it, at this time we would rather leave it installed, as it helps prevent the exploitation of the flaws within this coding. Thank you for understanding. - NobodysHero

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There's a new game! Check out the game section. This one is a doozy, but what's a game without challenge? Have fun!  Also, I'll be updating the riddle today! Check back in a couple hours and it should be ready! (About 4pm CST)



Check out the new pet outcome page! Some of the images may not work. We'll be updating the broken images as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience! 



Happy Belated Valentines to all! We'll be celebrating Valentine's Day all week long! Starting the 15th and ending at around midnight on the 21st! We have new pets available for adoption in the Cash Shop and the Adopts page! Hope you're as excited as we are!



Promocode Help Tickets: So, we've been noticing a lot of people are sending in help tickets about the random promo codes found around the site. You are going to find the same promocodes over and over, because those codes are displayed using javascript. All codes are manually updated occasionally.  Those are not automatic. Some pages share the same promocodes, though there are several promocodes available. 



That was a pretty big booboo! Sorry about that guys! There were two correct answers for the riddle! Both the puffin and the octopus don't have tokens. Thanks to all the players that helped point that out. So, if you got it wrong previously, you'll be able to answer the new riddle. Those that already recieved the prize will not be able to redeem the prize a second time. 



So, we updated a few things! You will find that there are some new, grab bag only prizes now available in the Grab Bag game! We've also updated the riddle. Sorry that took so long! If there are any problems with the riddle or the grab bag, let us know either by help ticket or shoutbox! We check both, so either is fine! 



We updated the riddle again! Another two week riddle! Sorry it was so late. This has been a crazy couple of weeks! Also, our coders have notified me that our projected date for our new site has been pushed back to this fall. Thanks again for your patience. 



We updated the riddle! This one will be around for two weeks and the prize reflects as much. Answer wisely, everyone only gets one chance at winning! 



Welcome to the new year, everyone! With last year behind us, we're looking forward to the progress ahead! On that note, many of you will notice the totems have been updated. Our artist, Ray, did a wonderful job on the new illustrations of the four elements. Some have more differences than others, but I assure you they have all been touched up and some even redone completely. ENJOY! 



Shoved some new pets into the free pet adopts! They'll be around for about a week or so, give people enough time to collect to their heart's content! Enjoy. We love you.



Bye bye, 2014 and hello, 2015! So many exciting things coming in this new year, we're all torn about seeing this year pass us by, with the next year hot on its tail. This upcoming year as so much in store for us! Not only on the site, but around the world. I'm confident as we leave our past as memories and lessons learned that 2015 will bring many more smiles. 

Our main source of excitement is the coming of our much awaited overhaul! As our coders' fingers work hard against their keyboards, we're hoping to make the transition to our new site as painless and smooth as possible for everyone involved! In short, I have one thing to say:

from all of us at MystFell



More exciting stuff happening! We've added Reindeer Game! Also, those who bought the reindeer pets will notice they have three stages now, instead of two! Make sure you keep your tack! You'll need it to get the item on the new site when it arrives. 

Also, added a new seasonal adopt to the normal adoption page! Enjoy!



Exciting stuff happening! Hunting The Wren is finally active! These birds are out of the nest and waiting to be found! Collect your Wren Lure and start looking out for those colorful companions!



Updated the Cash Shop with some new pets! For those of you who purchased the Black Friday deals, we owe you one more reindeer. Also, tomorrow starts Winter Solstice! Keep an eye out for a new game we'll be releasing. It's short and sweet, but once a day you'll be able to get a new pet. Check the pet outcome chart for a sneak peek!



Due to a few cheaters, we updated the codes for the grab bag. Sharing, saving, or reusing the promocodes for any of the games is against the rules. The only exception to this rule is you may save the promocodes for the treasure hunt, if you want to collect the clue items after you finish the hunt. Those who have broken this rule were banned. Breaking this rule multiple times will result in losing all pets, items, and Tyleans. 



Our illustrious artist has made some wonderful cards for you printing pleasure! Want to share MystFell this holiday season? We appreciate it! Find them here. Also, if you're looking for a good gift, or to treat yourself, she's also offering Holiday commissions for $50! Questions? Go here to learn more!



Thanks for your help with the poll! We heard you loud and clear! Today we updated the riddle, so take a guess! That riddle will last through the holidays, just in case we can't get to it between then and now. BUT DON'T WORRY! We're not abandoning you! We'll still peek in every now and again!



The new leg of the Treasure Hunt is ready! Those that have already completed the first part of the treasure hunt, should have the first clue in My Satchel. Those new to the site will start from the beginning. 



We've posted a poll, please help us by completing it. It's only one question and it's very simple. Also, by the end of the night or early tomorrow the Treasure Hunt will be ready for action. We will post another update to let you know when it's ready!



Black friday sale is now over. We'll be rolling out some new holiday pets soon, keep a look out!



LAST CHANCE! Today is your last chance to get in on the Black Friday sale! Deals this good are only likely to come around once a year, so don't miss out! 

We're also updating some of the art for the pets. If you notice your pet looks different, don't freak out!  It's because we've updated the art. This will mostly be for older pets.



As all can see, we've updated our site theme. If all goes well, you'll see some other updates this weekend.  Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season!



We've put more pets in the cash shop! And this moment starts our Black Friday sale! Get outrageous deals on our pets! Also, now until the end of January, any Cash Shop purchase qualifies you for a chance to win a Holiday Pet Pack! The Black Friday sale will only last until Sunday, Nov 30th, so hurry in to get all the newest pets. Or all the pets!

Don't worry, all Frostbite pets will be available until the spring. No rush there, but don't wait too long. Also, MystFell is Celebrating its first Anniversary! Check back for added pets, games, and other cool things! 



The riddle has been updated. Sorry it took so long. If there are any problems with it, please submit a help ticket and we'll respond to you as soon as possible. We've also received an estimated time when our new site should be available for use! By spring of 2015, MystFell will be reborn. Thank you all for your support and help in the progress of MystFell. We hope to continue to see you through the years!

Soon, we'll be starting a Kickstarter! We'll also roll out the winter pets. Keep an eye out here and in the cash shop for those! REMINDER! The autumn pets will be rotated out when the winter pets become available. They won't be available again until next year!



We have a new game you could play! It's not very hard or even very long, but it is extremely rewarding! Take a chance with the MystFell Grab Bag! (It will be found under the "Explore" tab.) Go to the page, click an image, and see what you get! We will be updating the Player's Guide to add this new game. Give the page a bit to load, if the code doesn't come up immediately, sometimes the message lags. If there's an issue with the promocodes or the page, don't hesitate to send us a Help Desk ticket! (Under Necessities on the Menu.)



Minor update. Just moved some stuff around and made the menu a little easier to understand at first glance. Took away the links on the front page for the Player's Guide and the Pet Outcomes. They are now available under the necessities section. New "Tour" site, so that players can get a feel for our goals and what our site will most  likely look like when all is said and done. Of course, MystFell will forever be a "work in progress", because there is no such thing as a community that remains the same. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped us along the way. Big or small, your contributions are appreciated. Every suggestion, every cent, every player is valued.



MystFell has a new staff member! Everyone welcome our new Coder, Skyler! She'll be helping Mitch with developing our shiney new site. We will provide you with a preview of how the site will look shortly. So, it's good news all around! 



Some good news! We've updated the way Xazi's Riddle works! It's way cooler now! Different riddles every time, of course, but now all you have to do is pick the right answer and collect the promocode. YAY! Just a heads up, with the way this promocode works, it won't tell you that it worked, but you will see the difference in your Tyleans. We will be updating the player guide to reflect this change. Let us know if there are any issues. The Help Desk is under "Necessities" in the menu.


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