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A few updates to the site. A few of you may have already noticed we've updated the menu. Well, good news! We've also updated the riddle! It's a doozy, so becareful of the answer you choose. Any feedback about the new menu or any other portion of the site, don't hesitate to submit a help ticket!

Also, check the Help section of the menu for User Submitted Content. All USC will be checked for accuracy and will be the responsibility of the user or other users to submit updates. The player who authors the USC will be credited for the content. Frequent submitters will be considered for Moderator, Admin, or Site Helper roles.



There are more pets on the Adopt page. You'll have to scroll to the bottom. We should be posting more in the afternoon sometime. Also, welcome to Spring, officially! YAY! The seasons are changing and it's time to start throwing out the old junk and clutter! Also, keep an eye out for our Kickstarter, which we should be ramping up for in following months! Get excited for some awesome pets and items that will be available on the new site, only to those who donate via Kickstarter!



Updated the Riddle! Hope you all did your homework! This one's a doozy! Not really. But maybe. Remember! No sharing the answers!

New colors, net pets, new seasons! Soon everyone will be seeing new pets on the site! Many of them are already on the outcome chart. Keep an eye out on the cash shop, Vander's Fauna, and in the free Adopt pages for the Beltane pets!



There's a new game! Check out the game section. This one is a doozy, but what's a game without challenge? Have fun! Also, I'll be updating the riddle today! Check back in a couple hours and it should be ready! (About 4pm CST)



Check out the new pet outcome page! Some of the images may not work. We'll be updating the broken images as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience! 



Happy Belated Valentines to all! We'll be celebrating Valentine's Day all week long! Starting the 15th and ending at around midnight on the 21st! We have new pets available for adoption in the Cash Shop and the Adopts page! Hope you're as excited as we are!



Promocode Help Tickets: So, we've been noticing a lot of people are sending in help tickets about the random promo codes found around the site. You are going to find the same promocodes over and over, because those codes are displayed using javascript. All codes are manually updated occasionally. Those are not automatic. Some pages share the same promocodes, though there are several promocodes available. 



That was a pretty big booboo! Sorry about that guys! There were two correct answers for the riddle! Both the puffin and the octopus don't have tokens. Thanks to all the players that helped point that out. So, if you got it wrong previously, you'll be able to answer the new riddle. Those that already recieved the prize will not be able to redeem the prize a second time. 



So, we updated a few things! You will find that there are some new, grab bag only prizes now available in the Grab Bag game! We've also updated the riddle. Sorry that took so long! If there are any problems with the riddle or the grab bag, let us know either by help ticket or shoutbox! We check both, so either is fine! 


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