This site is in Alpha Testing. There is still a lot we're working on and many things will
change along the way. We thank you in advance for your patience, feedback,
and understanding!

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No Halo No Entry! There is a new game to play in the Games menu. No Halo No Entry is an archery puzzle game. If you beat the game, you get a prize!



Hey there! We've updated the riddle. We also wanted to address the concerns we've heard on the shoutbox. We understand that at this time there isn't a lot to do one this site. Some features work better than others and parts of the site are confusing. Our site artist got an amazing job working for a company in California. We're so very happy for and proud of her. What does this mean? Her hours are longer than expected and she won't have as much time to work on MystFell things, however we are still moving forward and we hope to see the new site ready to go in early 2016. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.  It's taking longer than we anticipated, but we haven't given up. LOVE YOU!



WOW! Almost a whole month since our last update. Sorry about that! Well, the riddle is updated now, so go get it! It's a pretty easy one and pays double since I felt bad about not updating it sooner. Have fun!



 The riddle has been updated. Want to know more about the upcoming new MystFell site? You could see our best intentions and plans on our Tour Site. Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter and t-shirt updates! Want a MystFell t-shirt? Take a look at our Teepublic page!



 An Update From Our Artist: 

Okay guys! I know it seems like not much has been happening, but I assure you, it's simply things that aren't interesting to look at. We're getting things ready for the new site and I added new things to the tour site, so there are updated mockups and new enviros and such to look at over there. So if you want some proof we aren't dead, I totes understand, and I'm sorry it's taking so long! Moving soon, and the stress + job + having time to work on mystfell is slowing me down from my usual pace, but fun things are coming! I promise!    
-   Shapooda



 The riddle has been updated! Isn't that wonderful? I think it is! This one is a bit tricky, so answer carefully and wisely.



   GOOD NEWS! TeePublic is having a sale! Get a MystFell shirt, get a ferret, get it on sale!  (Limited time only! For the shirts, not the ferrets. BUT MAYBE THE FERRETS!)



   A day late, but the riddle has been updated! Also, we've decided on the exclusive pet for T-Shirt purchases! Wanna see? Take a look!  Already bought a shirt? Send us an email with your order number and how many, we'll make sure you get your pet!



Because I promised, here is a pic of me in one of our shirts for sale. Don't mind the awkward pose, I never did like pictures. That is an extra large, so the sizes lie and the color is a bit darker than I expected, but over all, it's a nice shirt! You can get your own at Teepublic. Everyone who buys a shirt will get an exclusive pet! What pet? Well, we haven't decided yet, but it's going to be awesome.



Two things! First thing is, the grab bag and the riddles have been redone! Meaning, the grab bag should have some new prizes and the riddle has a new riddle. Second thing, don't forget about the MystFell T-Shirts! Ray worked hard on them and they are pretty awesome! I ordered one. I will warn, they run a little smaller than shown in the images for the models. I will show you a pic of me in mine later in the week!



MYSTFELL T-SHIRTS! Yep, that's right. We said it. We're starting a line of T-Shirts using TeePublic. Interested? Take a look at the MystFell shirts and other shirts that our Artist has made. All MystFell Shirt sales will go to the new site and future MystFell improvements.



The riddle has been updated! If there are any problems, please let us know. There shouldn't be, but just in case. Just dropping a note in the shoutbox should be fine or messaging NobodysHero, letting us know the problem. 

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