This site is in Alpha Testing. There is still a lot we're working on and many things will change along the way. We thank you in advance for your patience, feedback, and understanding!

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We have a new game you could play! It's not very hard or even very long, but it is extremely rewarding! Take a chance with the MystFell Grab Bag! (It will be found under the "Explore" tab.) Go to the page, click an image, and see what you get! We will be updating the Player's Guide to add this new game. Give the page a bit to load, if the code doesn't come up immediately, sometimes the message lags. If there's an issue with the promocodes or the page, don't hesitate to send us a Help Desk ticket! (Under Necessities on the Menu.)



Minor update. Just moved some stuff around and made the menu a little easier to understand at first glance. Took away the links on the front page for the Player's Guide and the Pet Outcomes. They are now avaIlable under the necessities section. New "Tour" site, so that players can get a feel for our goals and what our site will most  likely look like when all is said and done. Of course, MystFell will forever be a "work in progress", because there is no such thing as a community that remains the same. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped us along the way. Big or small, your contributions are appreciated. Every suggestion, every cent, every player is valued.



MystFell has a new staff member! Everyone welcome our new Coder, Skyler! She'll be helping Mitch with developing our shiney new site. We will provide you with a preview of how the site will look shortly. So, it's good news all around! 



Some good news! We've updated the way Xazi's Riddle works! It's way cooler now! Different riddles every time, of course, but now all you have to do is pick the right answer and collect the promocode. YAY! Just a heads up, with the way this promocode works, it won't tell you that it worked, but you will see the difference in your Tyleans. We will be updating the player guide to reflect this change. Let us know if there are any issues. The Help Desk is under "Necessities" in the menu.


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