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Alchemy - How to use & Recipes
How To Use

To use alchemy, go to your inventory and click the link at the top of the page. There are two drop down menus, select the  appropriate items in your inventory, then click the button and viola! You're an alchemist!

Ingredients and bowls are only obtainable via Xazi's Riddle

The Empty Vial can be found in the Apothecary Shop.

Alchemy Recipes

Red Mixing Bowl + Silent Wisp = Magenta Mixutre
Green Mixing Bowl + Silent Wisp = Indigo Mixture
Purple Mixing Bowl + Silent Wisp = Violet Mixture
Blue Mixing Bowl + Silent Wisp = Lavender Mixture

Red Mixing Bowl + Snowdrop Flower = Carnation Mixture
Green Mixing Bowl + Snowdrop Flower = Sage Mixture
Purple Mixing Bowl + Snowdrop Flower = Lilac Mixture
Blue Mixing Bowl + Snowdrop Flower = Azure Mixture

Red Mixing Bowl + Hanging Blossom = Amber Mixture
Green Mixing Bowl + Hanging Blossom = Umber Mixture
Purple Mixing Bowl + Hanging Blossom = Copper Mixture
Blue Mixing Bowl + Hanging Blossom = Periwinkle Mixture

Empty Vial + Magenta Mixutre = Potion of Youth (Sets to baby/egg stage)
Empty Vial + Lavender Mixture = Acceleration Potion (Clicks by 1000)
Empty Vial + Indigo Mixture = Powerful Potion (Clicks by 500)
Empty Vial + Carnation Mixture = Potion of Aging (Raises level by 1)
Empty Vial + Sage Mixture = Potion of Popularity - (Clicks to 10,000)
Empty Vial + Violet Mixture = Progression Potion - (Level to 1)
Empty Vial + Lilac Mixture = Swapping Potion - (Gender Swap)
Empty Vial + Azure Mixture = Potion of Prism - (Alt Outcome)
Empty Vial + Amber Mixture = Rapid Progression Potion - (Level to 2)
Empty Vial + Umber Mixture = Potion of Invisibility (Key to Special Area)
Empty Vial + Copper Mixture = Potion of Elevation (Clicks by 5,000)
Empty Vial + Periwinkle Mixture = Aggressive Progression Potion (Level to 3)
(05-08-2016, 12:55 AM)Nobodys Hero Wrote: Mix the first ingredient with Bottle of Aged Wine to make the new item. 

Magenta Mixture = Chalcedony Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Chalcedony)
Indigo Mixture = Carnelian Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Carnelian)
Violet Mixture = Obsidian Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Obsidian)
Lavender Mixture = Rose Quartz Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Rose Quartz)
Carnation Mixture = Agate Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Agate)
Sage Mixture = Rubellite Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Rubellite)
Lilac Mixture = Sapphire Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Sapphire)
Azure Mixture = Garnet Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Garnet)
Amber Mixture = Citrine Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Citrine)
Copper Mixture = Topaz Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Topaz)
PeriwinkleMixture = Emerald Wine (Changes your King Dragon to Emerald)

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