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Fort Mystfell (Drawing Game)
Fort is updated!

I added "sentient fruit" to the members list

If we eat the watermelon would that upset the apple because I was looking forward to that watermelon and now I feel conflicted
????????  [Image: paodul82e39.png]   ????????

I decided to add a seahorse why because I can't drew oysters with legs o-o
However It's a magical seahorse so it doesn't need water also had to resize the image in order to make it fit the forums but if you want to view it just click on it.

File size limits prevented me from doing a bigger sea horse Tongue

Also fact sea horses aren't edible but the are eas to feed O-o just give it seaweed and tiny shrimps tiny tiny magical flying shimps.
oh my, that is small owo
I'll take care of it, no worries <3 I'll blow it back up to the right size and quality


Quality has returned <333
Plus a few props for my vehicle

[Image: 9_by_tartarusauce-dacr9i3.png]
[Image: 95572e7276764c9cb836ba2d2e4ec1a3.png]
[Image: o5ApbwG.png]

I added a hovering oyster with legs because I couldn't resist. I also gave it googly eyes.

Edit: Darn it! I have no idea how I made it so grainy.
Fort is UPDATED!

????????  [Image: paodul82e39.png]   ????????
[Image: fort-mystfell_orig.png]

Someone has thrown a blobfish at the fort
Why tho
call me apple
I don't really like apples so much idk why it's my username

I love that blobfish!
Haha thanks
call me apple
I don't really like apples so much idk why it's my username


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