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{unnamed}'s Design a Pet Entry
Quote:Info About Your Entry(Brief.): Shuu: Tree Omen is a forest dwelling wolf with minty eyes with mint triangles underneath it's eyes. It's fur is said to be some of the softest fur you will ever feel-even softer than Chinchilla fur. More mint triangles run back both left and right sides of it's small body, which is about the same size as a normal wolf's. Deep brown, Chestnut, and dusty-brown colors help Shuu fit right in with the forest it resides in. Mint spikes run along it's spine, along with adorning all four elbows. Dark brown and Chestnut ram horns give the creature and much more earthen feel to it. It is very shy, very hard to find, and prefers to be more nocturnal while searching for it's favorite berry-a black strawberry. With it being much more elusive, this pet would be much more interesting to obtain via explorations in the Forest of Silence. 

Extra note: Due to unstable genetic makeup, this animal has many different environmental versions. Please email back if you would like me to send a copy of other versions if you would like them. 

[Image: aJbqLHN.jpg]

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