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I don't know if any of these suggestions have been already stated, since it would take a very long time to look at all the suggestion threads. But I do have a lot of things I would like to see in this game that could make it easier and more appealing. 
 1. Random Generated Names - Sometimes, coming up with names for every pet can get troubling. You should add a function where you can randomly generate a name for your pet, or name it yourself :)
2. Groups - Being able to create different groups for your pets would be very helpful to find which pets someone is looking for, and it's a pet peeve of mine to see all my pets jumbled in a huge group (I have not played this game for long, but I also have not discovered any ways to sort your pet. Correct me if you guys already have this function). 
3. A lot of my pets I get don't actually show up in my un-grouped pets, but it still says I can pick them as my "favorite pet". This is quite annoying as I cannot see my cute little pets! This should work on being fixed :)
4. Adopting more than 1 pet at a time - When theres a page of 20 new pets to adopt, it takes quite some time and patience to adopt each one by one. Being able to select more than one to adopt at a time would be amazingly helpful! 
I see great potential in this game, the linearts are amazingly cute, and I really hope you guys can continue to improve this site!

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