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Wolves of Mistfall
@Coldrain I'll tell apple to check out the thread.

Roadpup attacked the rabbit and started ripping chunks of meat off of it. After a few rounds of "rip chew smack lick" she turned to Pinkpup and the others. "Oh. Do you guys want some?" Roadpup smiled and chunks of old meat were visibly stuck on her fangs.
Brokenribs scoffed. Why did everyone he was going to injure the pups? He snarls, their accusations filling him with rage. He stalks over to a corner, swiping angrily at a rock as he passed one of the pups, the one who hadn't started eating yet. Brokenribs plops down in the back of the cave, exhausted from all their irritating voices. "I'm going to rest my eyes. If you want me to stand guard, wake me." He snarls, closing his eyes.

Pinkpup prances around, head held high, and a piece of meat in her jaws. Suddenly, a blur rushes near her, and a rock goes flying. Pinkpup's raised hackles slowly come down, it was that new wolf, Brokenribs. Pinkpup didn't like the older dogs attitude, he was too aggressive. Pinkpup was supposed to be the snarky, angry one! Not Brokenribs, he was ruining her plans to become Alpha!

Clottedheart sighs, as Brokenribs trots to the back. "Thank you for allowing him to stay." He says, sincere. "If we are making a pack, what are all of our positions?" He asks, cautiously, head ducked down politely. "I'd suggest making Brokenribs a warrior. He doesn't give up in fights, and is one of the better warriors I know." He says, settling down on the ground.
"Okay then, now that we got that settled, I suppose we should all get some rest" She padded down her thin bed of pine needles. "Tomorrow we should explore our territory, mark it and stuff, now that we are a pack. And Brokenribs, you can be a warrior." She yawned and rested her head on a rock. Pain shot up through her snout as the tender wound hit ground. "Also, we need to do some home renovating, if you don't mind." She said, shifting around on the hard surface.
call me apple
I don't really like apples so much idk why it's my username

ClottedHeart sniffled loudly in agreement and settled down near the back of the cave. He tucks her nose under his front paw, his head on a stray piece of moss. "Home renovations would be good." He mumbles as his head slips off the moss and hits the painful rocks. "Ow!" He gasps.

Pinkpup watches everyone else settle in to sleep and her prances over to Roadpup. "Roadpup, Roadpup!" She hisses in excitement. "We should sneak out of the cave!" She says, whispering to her friend. Pinkpup yawns, trying to keep her eyes open. "Maybe?"

Brokenrib's eyes snap open, and he observes the rest of the pack. No guard at the front of the cave, what were these idiots thinking? Brokenribs stood, obviously that hadn't been thinking. He stood, planting himsel right in the enrtyway of the cave. He settles down, eyes still wide open and alert. He'd keep watch tonight.
Roadpup looked over that Pinkpup. "Lets do it! I'm ready for some adventure!" She slowly stood up. It was silent in the cave. Being the oblivious pup that she is, Roadpup started nudging Pinkpup towards the cave mouth, not noticing Brokenrib.
Pinkpup pranced on her paws, following her new friend to the caves mouth. "They're not gonna know we left!" She squeals, sniffing the air happily. Then, a smell fills her nose, the new wolf, Brokenribs standing guard. She freezes, not warning Roadpup, just standing stock still, her nose still in the air proudly.

Brokenribs looks over, hearing noises. He saw the pups, and flopped down, putting his nose on his paws. They weren't his problem. He growled, they were, they were his problem now. He blinked, watching them, he didn't have to do anything unless they were in danger, right?
A large and aggressive bear has entered the area
call me apple
I don't really like apples so much idk why it's my username


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