About MystFell

MystFell was created by Jennifer Buckley and Rachel Racanelli in or around November of 2014. MystFell has been a friendly environment for all, filled with creatures both mythical and real-world creatures. The inspiration for the art and geographics leans heavily on both the Celtic and Norse cultures, making this world both magical and a little bit historical.
On January 1st of 2016, we were forced to start from scratch, unable to recover our data from the hosting service, when they went out of business. Since then, we have seen many players come to MystFell, excited about what the future might hold. Both new and veteran players were given several days to re-adopt many of the pets that they may have lost. 
MystFell continues to grow, ever-changing and improving, adding new pets nearly every season and offering many games and events along the way.
Want to become part of our journey? Join our numbers by registering and explore everything that MystFell has to offer! Right now we're in our alpha stage, though with some luck, perseverance, and patience, we'll have our Beta site before long! ​​​​​​​
MystFell Preview/Tour Site
MystFell Crew:
NobodysHero (Jenni) - Site Administrator / Co-Owner
The Darkness (Ray) - Site Artist / Co-Owner
Arte - MystFell Coder (Beta Site - Not Yet Available)
Mirai - MystFell Helper / Pet Outcomes
Verdana - Creative Savant / Assistant Brainstormer
Osprey - 
MystFell Riddler / Pet Outcomes
Valkyrie - MystFell Riddler